Saturday, August 14, 2010

In which iPads are purchased & I make another scarf

I was sitting in the TELSIG plenary when I get a txt from DH saying "I can't have a camera but can I have an iPad?" [Back story = we're saving to replace my vehicle so I have said no new cameras until this is achieved]  The iPad was released in NZ on the 23rd July and while we had discussed their desirability - hey, this is a geek household - I hadn't thought more about it.  DH uses his iPod Touch a lot.  He travels for work regularly (been away 3 times this past week around the country) so it gets a work out.  So I gave him permission. :-)  Shortly after I got a txt saying it was charging up!

So yeah, a bit of an extravagance but sometimes compromises need to be made.

I have been allowed to play with it a bit and it is neat.  The children find it intuitive to use - Miss 3 now tries to press the screen on the laptop to make things "go". Tonight the Angry Birds app has been downloaded and there are 2 males agog trying to devise tactics to get rid of those pesky pigs.

My Mum turned 60 last weekend and we had a surprise party for her.  It's been hard work keeping it secret from her and also doing organising!  Her cousin and sister came over from Australia for the party.  Mum knew that J, her cousin was coming but not that her sister was also going to arrive.  So she had a surprise the morning before the party when N turned up on her doorstep!  She had asked me to felt a scarf for J so I made one in autumn colours.

It looks a lot less like a cow hide IRL! :-P

The party went well but I'm glad the stress of organising it has finished.

My new job is progressing.  I am finding it tricky because the role is new, the boundaries are fuzzy and I'm trying to build relationships with a bunch of folks we've not really had much to do with in the past.  It's crazy in a good way but I am really, really tired at the end of each day.  I am feeling some pressure from various sources to produce some feel good stories and that makes me nervous.  I had a bit of melt down on Monday over it which DH and kids had to bear the brunt of, (Mummy crying is never nice for them), but I hope I've managed to get my head above the water again.  I shouldn't be feeling sorry for myself and I'm not really - just would like to be able to meet the expectations of those I am working for (even though in 100 years it won't matter anyway). 

This morning I came out to the kitchen to discover a tiger was making me coffee ...


  1. Congrats on the new toy. Angry Birds is awesome! Love the tiger picture!

  2. cool post! Wish my dh would turn geek and want an iPad! love the tiger making coffee :-)

  3. Have you found the kitty that purrs yet? Love the tiget making you coffee! And such a sweet tail-holder too

  4. heheeh - sometimes compromise can be exciting!! Lyndon laughed when he read it was charging up shortly after you gave permission hehee
    Scarf looks cool - you are getting a whizz on this felting business!
    Cracked up at the tiger making you coffee ... my first thought was I wonder if Calvin was missing Hobbes :-)

  5. Gotta say I got a new toy too. D presented it to me the day it came out. I was a bit horrified to tell the truth - all that money (and we're in savings mode). But I am using it a lot for work (I have 3 email accounts for different work I'm doing and it's way easier to check them all on the iPad than logging into various servers. A toy witha bit of a purpose. Enjoy it