Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lydia @ 3

Lydia @ 3
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Butterflies and clock graphics from The Graphic Fairy blog.

Interview with a 3 year old...
What are your favourite things?
Pink toys, pink dollies, pibk cots and pink swimming pools.

Who are your friends?
Ashita, Connor, Benjamin, Joshua, Eden and Holly and I don't know.

What games do you like to play?
Old MacDonald, teddy bears and my friend is Eden. Do you know Eden? And we dances when the music comes Mumma. I can hop now 'cause I am big now Mumma eh?

What do you like to eat?
Sugar, chicken, pink sausages and red sausages/

What did we do today?
We went for a swimming pool. Mumma can we have a picture of me swimming?

What else?
Ticke everywhere Mumma!


  1. she has such a personality....loved reading her wee thoughts. Hmmmm I take it she likes pink lol

  2. So cute Penny :-) Love the LO and L's words hehee. M likes pink too!!

  3. "And we dances when the music comes." I hope she always remembers this!