Sunday, December 27, 2009

Train trips and Christmas morning

Took a trip into town on the train the other weekend. Mr 6 was delighted! Had the most delicious gelato from Valentino's in the Ferry Building.

Thought this sequence of photos was quite amusing...

The night before Christmas

Mr 6 wakes up at 6am - starts sorting his into a pile...

Mum persuades him to just open one while waiting for Missy Moo to wake up. ('Scuse the jammies). *yawn*

Mummy gets dressed and caffeinated...

Missy Moo modeling her front pack I made (needs some adjustments) while picking her nose... charming.

I'm busy relaxing.... toodle pip.


  1. hehehehee ... I was a meanie and made the kids wait till nearly 11am to open their presents! ;-)
    hope you are enjoying the relaxing.
    Hugs R

  2. Merry Christmas! Looks like a successful day :) And Valentinos Gelato is my favourite!

  3. Lovely! Happy 2010

  4. love the time lapse nature of the Christmas photos!