Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thank goodness for friends

... who like ironing! Ironing is one job I hate. DH went to work today wearing an un-ironed shirt because I forgot to do one last night. So today, I called a friend who had gifted me some "free ironing" vouchers - she picks it up and delivers it ironed the next day. Hallelujah!

So, the house is a shambles, the floors need cleaning and vacuuming but at least DH will have some ironed clothes to wear.

Yesterday I ventured out for the first time by myself with 2 kids. I discovered that the seatbelts in the back seat of my car do not reach around the baby car capsule so she has to ride on the front seat. Fortunately my car is so old it doesn't have an airbag in the front, so it is okay... but I would prefer it if she could be in the back. The reason for my venturing forth ---> I needed some Tombow glue for scrapbooking! LOL!

Here she is at 2 weeks old.

And here she gives her opinion of my photography attempts.

I sure am tired of Blogger and it's issues with photos... even when hosted on Flickr. And even tho' I'm leaving comments on people's blogs who are still on the old Blogger... they aren't showing up. Grrr!

I am also really, really sick of toilet training. We don't seem to be getting anywhere! Bribery and other means are just not working as incentives. DS is nearly 3 1/2 so he surely must be physically capable. At this rate he'll be the only 5 year old still in nappies. *tears hair out*


  1. Oh sounds lie you need a few cyber hugs {{{U}}}
    Your ironing friend sound slovely though. And the photos of bubs are just gorgeous.

  2. awww she is cute, I lover her little tongue poking out. Love your friends idea and must do the same for others, but pass on the ironing. Well done on your first venture out.

  3. oh what a sweetie.

    Don't worry about the toilet training, he'll do it when he's ready! So don't stress

  4. what a cutie. :)
    congrats on the first venture out w/ both kids. you are brave doing it at 2 weeks...took me until about 6 weeks. ;)
    hmmm. not sure what to suggest about the potty learning. i think he'll do it when he's ready but i'm sure that doesn't make changing the poopy diapers/nappies any more appealing for you.

  5. Love the pics :) and love your ironing friend LOL Glad hubby's wearing ironed shirts to work.

  6. Oh wow, look at that beautiful girl. Stunning pics.

    Love the friends vouchers for ironing. What a cooooool idea!

    And hope the trip went well. Funny what will make us venture out huh?! LOL.

  7. Hey Penny, Only just checking on on your site now. I am so happy for you, Lydia is beautiful. I only have your unitec address so can't email you. But am sending lots and lots of love through the desert and over the ocean to you. Rebecca

  8. Don't stress about toilet training. Elliot was over 4 (and at kindy) before he got it sorted. He was finally toilet trained and dry at night within the same month. I used to despair. Now I know they'll do it when they're ready.
    And PS Get DH to iron his own shirts - works for me!

  9. Oh, I love the one with her tongue sticking out. Priceless!

    And I have to say wahooo! I received your cards today. I am one lucky girl. These are beautiful! Thank you, Penny.